CTS Courses and Paths

CTS Courses (1 Credit Each) 

30 Level CTS Courses without prerequisites in Bold


AGR1010              Introduction to Agriculture (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

AGR1040              Introduction to Animal Basics (ADLC ECourse & SPCA Print)

AGR1050              Plant Propagation  (ADLC ECourse)

AGR1055              Gardening (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite  AGR1050

AGR2045              Companion Animals  (ADLC ECourse)

AGR2095              Indoor Plants (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite  AGR1050

AGR3000              Agriculture Safety (T4T & ADLC-ECourse)


Career Transitions

CTR1010               Job Preparation (Print)

CTR2010               Job Maintenance (Print) ~ Prerequisite  CTR1010

CTR2310               Career Directions – Expansion (Moodle)

CTR3010               Preparing for Change (Print & Moodle) ~ Prerequisite  CTR1010

CTR3310               Career Directions – Transitions (Print)


Communication Technology

COM1005            Visual Composition (Moodle & ADLC ECourse)

COM1205            Photography – Introduction (ADLC  ECourse, T4T & Moodle) ~ Prerequisite  COM1005

COM1215            Photography – Exposure (Moodle, T4T) ~ Prerequisite COM1005

COM1255            E-Learning & Learning Management Systems (Moodle & ADLC ECourse)

COM1275            Photography – Digital Processing 1 (Moodle, T4T) ~ Prerequisite COM1005

COM2205            Photography – Composition (Moodle, T4T) ~ Prerequisite COM1205

COM3225            Photography – Colour  (Moodle, T4T)  ~ Prerequisite COM1205

COM3245            Photography – Outdoor (T4T) ~Prerequisite COM1205

COM3275            Photography – Digital Processing 2 (Moodle) ~ Prerequisite COM1275


Community Care Services

CCS1080               Community Volunteerism 1 (Print Module)

CCS2010               Health Care 1 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite HSS1010

CCS3030               Aging (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite HSS1010

CCS3110               Early Learning & Child Care 1 (Moodle &T4T)

CCS3120               Early Learning & Child Care 2 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3110

CCS3130               Early Learning & Child Care 3 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3120

CCS3140               Early Learning & Child Care 4 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3130

CCS3150               Early Learning & Child Care 5 (Moodle & T4T) ~ Prerequisite CCS3140



COS1010              Personal & Professional Practices (Classroom)

COS1020              Long Hair Design 1 (Classroom) ~ Prerequisite COS1010


Design Studies

DES1010               Sketch, Draw & Model (ADLC ECourse & Print Module)

DES1020               The Design Process (Print Module)

DES1060               Technical Design & Drafting 1 (Print Module)


Electro Technologies

ELT1010                Electro-Assembly 1 (ADLC ECourse)

ELT1080                Control Systems 1 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite ELT1010

ELT1130                Robotics 1 (ADLC ECourse)

ELT1140                Robotics Applications  (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite ELT1010




EST1020                Skin Care Practices (Classroom) ~ Prerequisite COS1010

EST1070                Manicuring 1 (Classroom) ~ Prerequisite COS1010

EST2050                Make-up (Classroom) ~ Prerequisite EST1020

EST2090                Nail Art (Classroom) ~ Prerequisite COS1010 & EST1070



Fashion Studies

FAS1000               Fashion Illustration 1 (ADLC ECourse & ADLC print)

FAS1030               Sewing Fundamentals (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

FAS1050               Redesign, Recycle, and Restore (Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS1060               Creating Accessories 1 (Print Module & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS1130               Construction Fundamentals 1 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS1190               Textile Art 1 (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

FAS2000               Fashion Illustration 2 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1000

FAS2080               Activewear (Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS2090               Specialty Fabrics 1 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS2110               Creating Home Décor (Print Module & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030

FAS2130               Construction Fundamentals 2 (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FAS1130

FAS3000               Fashion Illustration 3 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS2000

FAS3070               Creators of Fashion (ADLC ECourse)

FAS3080               Cultural Fashion (ADLC  ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FAS1030


Financial Management

FIN1010                Personal Financial Information  (Print Module, ADLC ECourse, T4T,  Moodle)

FIN1015                Accounting Prep (ADLC ECourse, T4T, Moodle)

FIN1020                Accounting Cycle 1 (Print Module, ADLC ECourse,  T4T, Moodle) ~ Prerequisite FIN1015

FIN1030                Accounting Cycle 2 (Print Module & ADLC ECourse,  T4T, Moodle) ~ Prerequisite FIN1020

FIN2020                Retail Accounting 1 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FIN1030

FIN2030                Retail Accounting 2 (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FIN2020

FIN3010                Advanced Accounting (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3020                Management  Accounting (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3030                Capital Accounting (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3040                Financial Statements (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN2030

FIN3060                Financial Analysis (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FIN3040



FOD1010              Food Basics (ADLC ECourse, T4T & Print Module)

FOD1020              Contemporary Baking (ADLC ECourse,  T4T, Moodle & Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1030              Snacks & Appetizers  (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1040              Meal Planning 1 (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1050              Fast & Convenience Foods (ADLC ECourse & Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD1080              Food & Nutrition Basics (T4T) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2040              Cake & Pastry (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2050              Bread Products (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2060              Milk Products & Eggs (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2070              Soups & Sauces (ADLC ECourses) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2090              Creative Cold Foods (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2140              Rush-Hour Cuisine (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2180              Vegetables & Fruits (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD2190              Grains, Legumes, Pulses, Nuts & Seeds (T4T) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3020              Nutrition & Digestion (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3030              Creative Baking (ADLC ECourse& Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3040              Yeast Products (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3050              Advanced Soup & Sauces (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3060              Food Presentation (ADLC ECourse & Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3070              Short-Order Cooking (ADLC  ECourse & Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010 or CKA3400

FOD3080              Advanced Meat Cookery (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3100              Entertaining with Food (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3110              Food Processing (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3120              Food Evolution / Innovation (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite FOD1010

FOD3130              The Food Entrepreneur (Print Module)  ~ Prerequisite FOD1010



FOR1010              Forests & Society (ADLC ECourse & Print)

FOR1020              Forest Ecology in Regions of Canada (ADLC ECourse)

FOR1100              Forest Use & Protection (ADLC ECourse)

FOR2010              Forest Protection & Stewardship (ADLC ECourse & Print)

FOR3080              Forest Research & Development (ADLC ECourse)


Health Care Services

HCS2020               First Aid / CPR with AED (Class)

HCS3000              Workplace Safety Systems (ADLC ECourse, T4T & Moodle)

HCS3010               Workplace Safety Practices (T4T & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite HCS3000

HCS3040              Child Care First Aid (Class)

HCS3050               Reproduction & Readiness to Parent (ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite HSS1010, *requires Parental Notification under Alberta Human Rights Act

HCS3060              Pregnancy, Birth & Infant Care (Print Module)


Human & Social Services

HSS1010               Health Services Foundations (T4T,  Moodle, ADLC ECourse)

HSS1020               Health & Nutrition (T4T, Moodle & as part of Lifetime Fitness 15)

HSS1030               Communication Skills for Health Professionals (only offered as part of Lifetime Fitness 15)

HSS1040               Developing Maturity & Independence (Google Classroom /Print) *requires Parental Notification under Alberta Human Rights Act

HSS1050               Introduction to Mentorship (T4T)

HSS1910               HSS Project A (Google Classroom/Print)

HSS2020               Nurturing Children (ADLC ECourse)

HSS2040               Family Foundations (Print Module & T4T)

HSS2050               Becoming a Mentor (T4T) ~ Prerequisite HSS1050

HSS3050               Becoming a Mentee (T4T)

HSS3060               Extending the Mentoring Relationship (T4T) ~ Prerequisites HSS1050 & 2050


Information Processing

INF1030                Word Processing 1 (T4T,  Moodle)

INF1050                Database 1 (ADLC ECourse)

INF1060                Spreadsheet 1 (ADLC ECourse, T4T, & Moodle)

INF1070                Digital Presentation (ADLC ECourse, T4T, Moodle)

INF2020                Keyboarding (T4T,  Moodle)

INF2050                Word Processing 2 (T4T, Moodle)

INF2080                Spreadsheet 2 (T4T & Moodle)

WordProcessing Core (3 credit Bundle) INFO 1030, INFO 2050, INF3060 (ADLC  ECourse)


Legal Studies

LGS1010               Private Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS1020               Public Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS1030               Relationship Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS2010               Family Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS2020               Employment Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS2030               Environmental Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS3010               Property Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS3040               Negligence (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

LGS3050               Small Business Law (ADLC ECourse)

LGS3080               Criminal Law (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)


Management & Marketing

MAM1010           Marketing & Management (T4T)

MAM1020           Quality Customer Service (T4T)

MAM3010           The Business Organization (ALDC-print or ECourse)

MAM3020           Business in the Canadian Economy (ADLC- print or ECourse)

MAM3030           Business in the Global Marketplace (ADLC-print or ECourse)

MAM3040           Promotion: Sales Techniques (ADLC-print or ECourse)

MAM3050           Distributing Goods  & Services (ADLC-print or ECourse)


Networking (ADLC Direct)

NET1010               Digital Technology 1 (ADLC ECourse)

NET2020               Workstation Technology & Operations (ADLC ECourse)

NET2040               Network Media  & Devces (ADLC ECourse)

NET2080               Laptops & Peripherals (ADLC Ecourse)

NET2110               Telecommunication 1 (ADLC Ecourse)


Primary Resources

PRS1010               Overview of Alberta Geology (Moodle)


Recreation Leadership

REC1020               Injury Management (ADLC ECourse)

REC1040               Foundations for Training 1 (Print, ADLC ECourse)

REC1050               Sport Psychology 1 (ADLC ECourse)

REC1910               REC Project A (Print)

REC2010               Nutrition for Recreation Activities & Sport (ADLC ECourse)

REC2040               Foundations for Training 2 (Print, ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite REC1040

REC3015               Flexibility Training (Print) ~ Prerequisite REC2040

REC3025               Cardiovascular Training (Print) ~ Prerequisite REC2040

REC3030               Speed & Agility (Print) ~ Prerequisite REC2040

REC3130               Officiating (Print)

REC3140               Sports & Society (ADLC ECourse)

High Performance Athlete Bundle:  REC1040, REC1050, REC1910, REC2040, REC3015, REC3025, REC3030  (Print)


Tourism Studies

TOU1010              The Tourism Sector (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

TOU1040              The Food & Beverage Industry (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU1050              The Accommodation Industry (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU1060              The Travel Industry (Print Module)          ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU1070              The Attractions Industry (Print Module & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU2050              Meetings & Conferences  (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU3040              Accommodations Operations (Print Module & ADLC ECourse) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010

TOU3060              Destination Management (Print Module & ADLC ECourse)

TOU3080              Air Transportation (Print Module) ~ Prerequisite TOU1010



WLD1020             Wildlife Diversity (Google Classroom)